You Should Not Ignore These Important Maintenances For Cars

The air filter inside the cabin serves to filter the air entering from outside the car into the passenger room. Some vehicles use a simple type of filter with the function of filtering dust and various debris from the air. Meanwhile, there are also filters with activated carbon that can reduce odors and various pollutants that enter the car. Often overlooked, filter replacement can actually add to the comfort of all car passengers. The costs incurred for caring for this car are not expensive, really! If done regularly, this can be a good investment for your comfort and health, right? In the meantime, if your car’s paint looks dull, you may want to make it looks better by calling royal1 mobile detailing.

Draining Coolant Liquid

There are still some car owners who think that radiator coolants or coolants can work normally for life. That’s why they don’t make the recommended replacement. In fact, over time, the quality of this liquid can also decrease. The pH balance will be reduced from the ideal number, and gradually a pile of sand will appear in it so that it inhibits the coolant’s work function. Can you guess the risks that arise when the car’s care is forgotten? Yes, the engine’s cooling system will be disrupted. A machine that is easy to heat will make the car easy to strike. Only because of small things, the result turns out to be very big! Prevent this and periodically check and replace coolants, replacement needs to be done generally when the car has traveled 60 thousand to 90 thousand kilometers.

Replacement Brake Fluid

Brake fluid has a hygroscopic nature which means it can invite and absorb moisture. Even though this liquid is in a tightly closed brake system, moisture from the surrounding environment can still be absorbed by it. If this condition continues, the temperature of brake fluid can be even lower. In addition, the risk of rust and corrosion in the hydraulic brake system is also getting bigger. This is why draining and replacing brake fluid must not be ignored.

It is recommended to take care of this car every three years or when the car has reached around 60 thousand kilometers.

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