You Should Know Various Signs Of Sexual Harassment On Children

Sexual harassment is not only present in the form of rape. That is probably why many parents are not aware of the signs that children show. Sexual violence can be either physical or non-physical violence. What are some examples of physical and non-physical sexual violence? Aside from that, before we continue, you may hire a trustworthy private investigator so you can know your child’s condition when he or she is away from your location.

Physical sexual abuse of children

Touch the intimate area or the child’s genitals to fulfill his passion.
Make children touch the private part of the perpetrator’s genitals.
Make children come into play in their sexual games.
Put something in the genitals or anus of the child.

Sexual violence in non-physical children

Showing things that are pornographic to children, whether it’s videos, photos or pictures.
Having children pose unnaturally.
Ask children to watch various things related to sex.
Peek or watch a child who is bathing or is inside a toilet.

Then, how do you know if a child has experienced sexual violence?

Sexual violence in any form can cause trauma to victims, especially children. The pressure he can make makes him not dare to tell what he experienced, even to you as his parents. This makes him tend to withdraw and become quiet.

For that, you must be sensitive and pay attention to behavior changes that might occur to your child. then, what is the signs of sexual violence in children?

Early signs of sexual violence that occur in children

Often have nightmares to experience sleep problems.
Behavior changes, for example using toys or objects as sexual stimulation.
Being very close and quiet.
In a state of anger, his emotions will be very explosive and out of control.
Mention inappropriate words or terms, such as mentioning genital body parts and not knowing where they came from.
Doing things that endanger him, such as injuring himself with sharp objects.
Tells his new friend who is older and mentions that he got a lot of gifts from that person for no apparent reason.
Suddenly feeling scared if invited to a certain place or when meeting certain people.
Children may show signs of rebellion or challenging behavior.
Changes in eating habits.
Children may try to commit suicide.

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