You Can Clean The Tile With These Ways

Homeowners use special marble cleaning drugs when they clean tiles. The liquid does not contain acids that can erode the surface of marble going here. However, there are also some simple ingredients that can be used to clean marble tiles. Nowadays, there are many Tile Cleaning North Shore companies so we can hire the tile cleaning service. We can save time, effort, and money when we choose the right service.

If you want to clean the tile without the help of professionals, you can use ammonia. A safe way to clean marble is to use an alkaline solution. This is because the alkaline solution will neutralize the marble. Ammonia solution is an alkaline solution that can be made by mixing 1 tablespoon of ammonia with 1 cup of clean water. Stir the two ingredients and use the marble tiles to gently rub them. When finished, rinse with clean water and immediately dry it with a dry mop with soft fibers. Ammonia is also effective for cleaning fat stains and also oil.

Baking soda is also an alkaline material. Baking soda can clean the surface of marble tiles. How to clean marble with baking soda is to mix baking soda with water to form a solution. Stir the solution and apply the solution to the surface of the marble tile. When finished, rinse with clean water and immediately dry it so that no marks are left behind.

You can use ingredients that you can find in the kitchen. Lime and salt are a blend of two natural ingredients that are commonly used to clean porcelain and ceramics. These two ingredients are also safe for cleaning marble tiles if you can’t clean the tile easily. The trick is to rub the affected part with salt and lime. You can also make a salt solution that has been mixed with lime juice. First, you wipe with a soft cloth. If it is clean, you rinse the surface of the tile with water and you dry it immediately.

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