Understanding And Purpose Of Direct Marketing

Direct marketing is a process of marketing system where people or organizations that do marketing communications directly with the target consumers to make sales. Direct marketing will produce a response or transaction with the target consumer. If you want to start a business, you can visit our website and find out about our Knowledge Business Blueprint Bonus. We will help you to make your own successful business.

– Inquiry
A response from the target consumer by providing important information to make observations or experiments to find a solution to a problem.

– Support
Response in the form of support provided by target consumers for the products and services offered. This can also be an appreciation from consumers for the direct marketing process that we implement.

– Purchase
Response from consumers who are interested in the product offered and then make a purchase.

Direct marketing is different from personal branding, sales promotion, and public relations. This direct marketing / direct marketing activity is carried out without any intermediaries so that it will cut down on promotion costs and can generate greater profits.

There are several forms of direct marketing that can be done, such as:

Personal Selling
Direct Mail
Catalog Marketing
Direct Response
Online Marketing
Television Marketing
Marketing Kiosk

In practice, direct marketing is strongly influenced by various media, especially technological developments. Some things that affect the direct marketing process include:

– Products that are already known to target consumers before they are broadcast on promotional media
– The target market that is specific and has proximity to the product. This can be obtained when segmenting target consumers.
– How to deliver information regarding the product being marketed

In general, the purpose of direct marketing is to market services or products to target consumers with minimal marketing costs. Direct marketing gives advantages to several individuals involved such as the product owners, sellers, and consumers.

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