The Importance Of Cleaning A Car During Rainy Season

The rainy season means the season where you as a car owner must be more diligent in caring for the cleanliness of the car. Not just washing when the car looks dirty but also having to clean and horrible the car immediately after being hit by rain. The rainwater can leave the stain if you don’t clean it. It can make the car paint duller. It can also dry and peel. Are you considering auto detailing oceanside? The best quality auto detailing service gives you many advantages.

This condition will be further aggravated if the weather tends to be erratic. the intense heat that comes after the rain subsides, will make the rainwater dry out instantly. And easily you will see rainwater stains that dry on the glass and body of the car.

You can clean the car easily. You only need to directly wash the car that was hit by rain with house water. If you want to save your time and your energy, you can visit the nearby car salon.

If you are not too lazy, you can wash the car with a special shampoo so that the car becomes really clean and avoid the danger caused by rainwater.

For the process of drying the body and windshield after finishing washing, it is highly recommended to use several different laps. The use of the lap must be separated between the lap body of the lower part of the car, the lap of the upper body of the car and the lap to dry the windshield. The purpose of using the different laps is to avoid the risk of appearing fine berets on the glass and body of the car due to the presence of fine dust or sand that is carried on the lap when used in other body parts of the car.

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