The Danger of Using Steroids Excessively

Gynecomastia is abnormal chest enlargement in men. Men’s breasts should be smaller than a woman’s breast. The estrogen in the body can trigger abnormal breast formation, it is one of steroid side effects. The steroid can trigger this abnormal condition. To get a legal steroid, you can visit

When using steroids that are excessive, it is also possible to have hormonal zits. These symptoms may be considered trivial by the user even though the effects can be permanent. A face that is already damaged with acne will be treated. In women, this effect will cause an aesthetic decrease in his face. Acne may disappear after the use of steroids is stopped. But the skin is damaged, hollow until the blackened color will belong to restore it.

Liver disorders are also one of the dangers that you can experience if you use excess steroids. The liver works to filter out various poisons or free radicals that enter the body. When using steroids, the liver will filter it so that it is possible that this organ has a very severe disorder so that damage cannot be avoided.

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